Care Sheet for Hair Extensions

Care Sheet for Hair Extensions

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Hair extensions can last anywhere from 4 to 12 weeks depending on the technique, texture, lifestyle and how often it is washed. Under no circumstances should they be left in the past three months because this may cause breakage during the removal process. While manufacturers make every effort to reinforce hair, you may experience some shedding. Double reinforcing by running a stitch over using a sewing machine and careful combing will minimize this. Hand-tied wefts are secure and shed the least but cost more.


1. Fusion and So-Cap extensions can be washed as often as needed but weaving techniques are to be washed once a week to every two weeks. The perimeter and top parts of your hair can be washed more often. The more often you wash your weaves, the sooner you will need to get it redone. 


Use a conditioning and detangling shampoo to wash your hair. We recommend using the Honey Creme moisture retention shampoo by Design Essentials. It is available in 8oz and 32 oz with a refill option. For excessive dry extensions, first comb out hair. In a water bottle, place a mixture of moisture retention shampoo and water then gently saturate hair and comb through. Proceed to shampoo hair gently in a downward motion- this will prevent bunching up of hair due to lack of moisture.


2. Use leave-in conditioners daily to alleviate any dryness. We highly recommend Silk Essentials by Design Essentials. This product contains amino acids that strengthen and smoothen the hair cuticle. It is also a thermal protectant for any heat styling. A little goes a long way so all you need is a few drops. 


3. When combing out hair, use a wide tooth comb or wide tooth wet brush. Take small sections and start combing from the ends working your way to the roots. Note that for tightly curled hair, it may need to be finger combed only. Rough combing and exerting too much pulling pressure on your hair extensions may cause tracks to loosen up quickly and excessive shedding.


4. When going to bed, it is best to use a silk or satin pillow cover as this will retain the moisture in the hair and minimize frizziness. For medium to long lengths of hair, braid your hair in two pigtails for easier comb out in the morning. Wrapping your hair with a silk or satin scarf will minimize further frizziness.


5. Fusion hair extensions have keratin bonds that are designed to soften up with time and heat. This makes removal between two and three months easy with no damage. However, during styling, avoid applying direct heat on the bonds or placing curling appliances directly on them. This will cause the bonds to melt. 


Enjoy your new hair style and treat it like your own! If you have any further concerns, our staff will be more than glad to assist you.