CLARA AMAGURU is an artistic educator for DESIGN ESSENTIALS, the leading multicultural hair product line from Atlanta, since 2004. Her love for education led her to start professional development workshops in 1998 where she taught for the Cosmetology Association of BC and to stylists that wanted to diversify their services. She has taught at Vancouver Tech and Alpha Secondary cosmetology schools. She has also taught BC film IATSE 891 classes on textured hair.

Many of the cosmetology schools in British Columbia lightly touch on some areas of interest to many aspiring stylists like hair extensions, embracing and working with diverse hair textures or straightening curly or coily hair. Many graduates have minimal experience in these areas and yet the demand for such services is growing with the increased diversity in our demographics. For the past two decades, she has developed and still teaches licensed stylists various techniques of hair extensions, working with textured hair, braiding, locs and cornrows. 

  • Cornrows
  • Braids
  • Hair extensions 101
  • Hair extensions advanced
  • Natural hair care
  • Custom class


CORNROWS (Open to everyone)    

  • Proper sectioning and consultation
  • Learning overhand technique in detail
  • Adding extensions to cornrows
  • Proper maintenance and removal


BRAIDS (Open to everyone)      

  • Proper sectioning and consultation
  • Learning overhand braiding technique in detail
  • Adding extensions to braids at different points
  • Proper maintenance and removal


HAIR EXTENSIONS 101 (Open to licensed stylists only) 2 DAYS 

SUNDAY (10:00am -5pm)                             

  • Hair extensions introduction                        
  • Consultation and hair analysis                     
  • Cornrows technique                                    
  • Hair quality selection                                    
  • Bonding technique                                       
  • Partial weaving                                            


MONDAY (10am -5pm)

  • Full head weaving
  • Clip in extensions
  • Fusion technique
  • Maintenance
  • Removing extensions
  • Troubleshooting


HAIR EXTENSIONS ADVANCED (Open to licensed stylists only)  

  • hair extensions overview and brush up on cornrows
  • net weaving for bald spots or thinning clients
  • Closure units 
  • Integration system
  • Microlinks method


NATURAL HAIR CARE (Open to everyone)  

Curl /texture identification and history
  • Detailed overview of wavy, curly and coily textures (from 2A - 4C)
  • Curly styling techniques (3 methods)
  • Textured styling techniques (3 methods)
  • Featuring Design Essentials natural hair care line with product knowledge and execution

LOCS UNLIMITED (Open to licensed stylists)

  • Consultation review for potential client
  • Explore the different textures and how to determine which method will work best
  • Learning in depth four different methods to start your locs
  • Learn how to maintain the locs and the different development stages
  • Learn how to repair locs using creative methods


    CUSTOM CLASSES (salons, film industry and cosmetology schools) 

    Custom classes can be tailored to meet specific needs. some examples include hair relaxers, hair texturizers, cutting textured hair, perming textured hair or other hair extension techniques. 



    1. A mannequin with at least 4inches of hair
    2. A mannequin tripod
    3. A tail comb
    4. A water bottle
    5. 6 hair clips
    6. Weaving needle
    7. Weaving thread
    8. Pen for taking notes
    9. A lighter
    10. A notepad



    JUNE 23 & SEPTEMBER 15
    JUNE 24 & SEPTEMBER 16
    JULY 14/15 & OCTOBER 13/14
    Hair Extensions 101
    AUGUST 11
    Natural hair care
    AUGUST 25
    Locs Unlimited
    JULY 28 & OCTOBER 27
    Hair Extensions advanced
    Custom class



    • Certificates will be provided at the end of each class after successful completion.
    • For group bookings of a minimum of 4 people, 10% off the course fee will be given.
    • Class sizes are very small, 4 to 6 people, to enable attendees to learn all techniques. These are hands-on with one-on-one guidance by top experts in these areas. Our wealth of knowledge, coupled with over two decades of experience, will provide attendees with unsurpassed education. 
    • Hair extension services can cost anywhere from $250 to $2000 depending on the hair quality and technique used. The class fees can be covered by your first client. The techniques learned are guaranteed to increase the income potential for any stylist.


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