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    A woman sits on the ground with cornrow hair.


    We offer a wide range of hair extensions methods. We do clip-in extensions, bonding, fusion, micro links, Brazilian knots, weaving and so-cap extensions. 



    Since every head is different and hair extension needs vary, we can customize clip-in hair extensions for you. Some clients want hair in specific areas or wefts of specific lengths and densities. We match the commercial hair to yours, take measurements and then make the clip-in extensions just for you! Once you come in and place your order, we usually have them ready in 1 to 2 business days



    Wefts of human or synthetic hair are attached close to the root in horizontal sections with the aid of temporary glue. This is a temporary way of wearing extensions because the glue loosens up with shampoo. Great for fun trials or specifically for a function. This technique lasts one to two weeks.



    We offer two techniques of fusion; one method is where we create the bonds ourselves using keratin glue in a hot glue pot. This method offers the option of custom blending different colours for clients with varied colours or those desiring highlights. The second technique involves bonding pre-bonded hair with a special fusion heated tool. The hair comes in various colours and usually is in packs of 20 to 25 pieces. One can buy several colours to add highlights or blend varying hair colour. This technique lasts two to three months.



    Horizontal sections of hair are corn-rowed on the head with one inch of hairline left out. One or double wefts of commercial human hair are then sewn onto the cornrow foundation. Depending on the client's hair volume and desired look, one to four rows of weaving can be done. Some clients can also get a full head weave with a different cornrow foundation. In a few scenarios where the client has bald patches or extreme hair loss, we can custom design a net weave that will cover the problem areas and offer less tension on weak hair. This technique lasts 4 to 12 weeks depending on care. 

     A woman stands away from the camera.


    So-Cap extensions is a system out of Italy that utilizes Remy Italian hair of the highest grade. The hair comes pre-bonded from Italy and we bond it 1/8th of an inch from the client's root. Most styles depending on the desired result can take anywhere from 25 pieces to 150 pieces. A free consultation is mandatory and we special order the hair. The style will last three months and the client has to return to take them out professionally.


    Hair extensions can last anywhere from 4 to 12 weeks depending on the technique, texture, lifestyle and how often it is washed. Under no circumstances should they be left in the past three months because this may cause breakage during the removal process. While manufacturers make every effort to reinforce hair, you may experience some shedding. Double reinforcing by running a stitch overusing a sewing machine and careful combing will minimize this. Hand-tied wefts are secure and shed the least but cost more. 



    Hair loss is a big issue facing many men and women today. There are many causes of hair loss ranging from genetic disposition, alopecia, medication side effects, hormonal imbalances, anemia to stress. At ALARA, we conduct a detailed consultation to formulate the right system for you. We take all necessary measurements and custom order a natural-looking hair system to perfectly fit your head. Some clients need top of the head prosthesis units while others need a full head. All units unless specified are designed with high-quality human hair sourced from Europe and Asia. We also carry the best double-sided tapes and adhesives for sale.



    Clients may choose to have a custom wig made instead of a non-surgical hair replacement unit. Wigs can be worn for the same reasons but also just for a style change. Some clients may want to wear a short style without cutting their own hair or desire the convenience of changing their look instantly. We can custom design a wig for you and you get to choose colour, density, length and style. 



    Relaxing the hair means permanently altering a curly or coily hair texture to a straight one. The active ingredient is usually sodium, calcium, lithium or guanidine hydroxide. We use the Design Essentials conditioning relaxer system. We only relax the hair 65 to 75% so we do not compromise hair strength. We have different strengths for regular, coarse, fine, coloured, sensitive scalp or multi-cultural textured hair. After a consultation, we customize a specific relaxer for you. We use protective treatments to protect your scalp from any discomfort and also to protect any previously relaxed hair from overlapping. We also include a deep conditioning reconstructor treatment with all relaxer services. The whole process from start to finish takes 2to 3hours depending on the thickness and length of hair.



    A texturizer is from the same family as relaxers. The main difference is the content of sodium hydroxide used is very low. This is designed to loosen one’s curl pattern without straightening it. This generally leaves more texture and strength in the hair. Hair can be worn in its curly or coily state but more manageable or using thermal tools, it can be styled to look straight like a relaxer. 



    We use Design Essentials Wave by Design system for perms on curly textured hair and ISO perms for silky straight hair. Both perms are conditioning and leave you with dry bouncy curls that you can enhance with the Design Essentials “Define and Shine” and “Mist and Shine” products. The process takes 2 to 3 hours depending on hair texture, volume and length. 



    We use Eugene Perma Colour and Joico system for our permanent, semi-permanent and highlights services. The permanent colour lasts the longest while semi-permanent is designed for chemically processed hair and lasts about 8 to 10 shampoos. Highlights can be achieved using streaking, foiling and balayage techniques. Our colour technicians will consult with clients to determine which technique will give you the best results.



    Our stylists can transform a basic style into a high fashion cut of your choice.

    We can cut any hair texture from straight to curly without any limitations. We keep up with the current cutting trends by continuously taking classes and keeping up with what is making heads turn. 



    For all your wedding parties or graduation, we have the perfect updo style for you! Most updos take anywhere from 1-2 hours depending on the desired style. We will require a full consultation prior to any event styling and clients have the option to do a trial appointment. 



    This is a technique specially designed for temporarily straightening curly and coily hair textures. Most clients have 3A to 4C hair texture ( curly and coily). 

    We also have the old-fashioned pressing combs and thermal curling irons in all sizes. We have the Agave and Lavender collection from Design Essentials to silk press hair. 



    This is an amino acid-infused thermal straightening system designed to temporarily straighten and smooth frizzy hair. It is especially popular for curly or coily multi-textured hair or for clients transitioning from relaxed to natural hair without the big chop. It strengthens hair, minimizes reversion, reduces frizz, imparts shine and is a great alternative to chemical straightening or relaxers. It lasts for about 8 to 12 weeks. We also have the damage recovery anti-breakage treatment that can be substituted for the STS where there is extremely damaged hair from chemical processes. This step is an infusion of amino acids with proteins to help transform hair to longer, stronger and healthier hair.



    Cornrows are achieved by hair picked and joined in a row or pattern on the head. It can be done with overhand or underhand technique. Some people call this “French braids” while others call it “cornrow” or “canerow”. The hair has to be about three inches or longer for cornrows to be done. If the hair is tightly curled, we may be able to cornrow it if it is under 3 inches but we will have to add synthetic hair extensions. Generally, most cornrow styles will last 1 to 2 weeks but it depends on your hair texture. It will last the longest on tightly curled hair.



    Individual braids can be done on hair from two inches depending on the texture. For straight hair, we recommend at least four inches of hair. We can add synthetic or human extensions or utilize the client's own hair. The possibilities are endless and we recommend a free consultation to determine desired length, size and volume of braids. This will help us quote a price for the service and give an estimated time for the length of service.



    Also known as Senegalese twists, this is a technique of intertwining two sections of hair to give a “rope” like pattern. This can be done with synthetic textured hair for a style or with kinky human hair as a style or way of starting locs. 



    We can successfully lock any hair type but the length of time it takes for the hair to actually lock depends on the texture. Tightly curled hair locks faster than straight hair. Straight hair that is tightly spiral-permed or hair that is extremely porous from lots of colour will generally lock faster. We encourage potential clients to come in for a free consultation as this will enable us to determine what technique will work better for you and also give you an idea of how long your particular texture will take to lock. We offer the twisting, palm rolling, looping/crotchet backcombing and extension techniques of starting locks.



    These use cornrows as a foundation. The pre-braided or curly hair is then interlocked/crocheted using a latch hook tool to give a client a full head of braids or curly hair. This takes about 3 hours to do a full head. It affords a client a style that would normally take 8 to 10 hours to do had they been braided individually.

    A man with cornrows faces away from the camera.