Cornrows, Braids, Twists, Loc/Dreadlocks, Crochet Extensions

A woman with cornrows smiles and spins her her head.


Cornrows are achieved by hair picked and joined in a row or pattern on the head. It can be done with overhand or underhand technique. Some people call this “French braids” while others call it “cornrow” or “canerow”. The hair has to be about three inches or longer for cornrows to be done. If the hair is tightly curled, we may be able to cornrow it if it is under 3 inches but we will have to add synthetic hair extensions. Generally, most cornrow styles will last 1 to 2 weeks but it depends on your hair texture. It will last the longest on tightly curled hair.



Individual braids can be done on hair from two inches depending on texture. For straight hair we recommend at least four inches of hair. We can add synthetic or human extensions or utilize the clients own hair. The possibilities are endless and we recommend a free consultation to determine desired length, size and volume of braids. This will help us quote a price for the service and give an estimated time for length of service.


Also known as Senegalese twists, this is a technique of intertwining two sections of hair to give a “rope” like pattern. This can be done with synthetic textured hair for a style or with kinky human hair as a style or way of starting locs. 


We can successfully lock any hair type but the length of time it takes for the hair to actually lock depends on the texture. Tightly curled hair locks faster than straight hair. Straight hair that is tightly spiral-permed or hair that is extremely porous from lots of color will generally lock faster. We encourage potential clients to come in for a free consultation as this will enable us to determine what technique will work better for you and also give you an idea how long your particular texture will take to lock. We offer the twisting, palm rolling, looping/crotchet back combing and extension techniques of starting locs.



These use cornrows as a foundation. The pre-braided or curly hair is then interlocked/crocheted using a latch hook tool to give a client a full head of braids or curly hair. This takes about 3 hours to do a full head. It affords a client a style that would normally take 8 to 10 hours to do had they been braided individually.