A woman with straight hair poses.


This is a technique specially designed for temporarily straightening curly and coily hair textures. Most clients have 3A to 4C hair texture (curly and coily). 

We also have the old-fashioned pressing combs and thermal curling irons in all sizes. We have the Agave and Lavender collection from Design Essentials to silk press hair. 



This is an amino acid infused thermal straightening system designed to temporarily straighten and smooth frizzy hair. It is especially popular for curly or coily multi textured hair or for clients transitioning from relaxed to natural hair without the big chop. It strengthens hair, minimizes reversion, reduces frizz, imparts shine and is a great alternative to chemical straightening or relaxers. It lasts for about 8 to 12 weeks. We also have the damage recovery anti breakage treatment that can be substituted for the STS where there is extremely damaged hair from chemical processes. This step is an infusion of amino acids with proteins to help transform hair to longer, stronger and healthier hair.